Prim minster Abiy Ahmed`s landmark visit to Eritrea

Prim minster Abiy Ahmed`s landmark visit to Eritrea

 Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed landed in Asmara in an official state visit, the event is historical and it’s the first time the leaders of the two nations to meat since the eruption of the war between the two countries over land dispute in 1998 and resulted the death of nearly 100 thousand people.

This landmark visit is aimed at repairing the relations between the two neighboring countries.

As video footages from the two nations state televisions showed president Isaias Afwerki has warmly welcomed prim minister Abiy Ahmed at the Airport.

This visit is a part of Abiy Ahmed`s endeavors to redirect Ethiopia`s political landscape. Shortly after his selection as a prim minister, he started undertaking structural, political and legal reforms to defuse the political tensions in the country for a long time.

Before one month the prim minister surprised to all his full acceptance the decision of the Boundary commission backed by the United Nations which ruled that the flashpoint town of Badme is part of Eritrea.

The prim minister’s decision was welcomed by the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki as a positive step towards integrated peace and after while a high-profile Eritrean delegation visited Addis Ababa for peace talks.

The peaceful settlement of the Ethiopian and Eritrean conflict would affect positively the economy and the welfare of the two nations. Ethiopia will get access to Eritrean ports which will be costly effective for the Ethiopian imports and exports. On the flip side the Eritrea will gain a lot of being a gate way for the growing Ethiopian Economy. Also, any peaceful resolution will have a positive effect on the stability of the region and the continent.


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