DAD Research Center: A Knowledge Base for East Africa

DAD Research Center conducts research to develop solutions to social, economic and political challenges in East Africa to help make communities throughout the region safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.

The center’s main aim is to produce up-to- date and accurate knowledge and analyses in the fields of politics, economy and society and inform policy makers, civil society organizations, businesses and the public on changing political, economic, social and cultural conditions of the region.

DAD Research Center aims to attracted some of the world’s brightest researchers and young minds who can contribute immeasurably to the advancement of knowledge in East Africa. This center is dedicated to the transformative power of ideas and excellence in a rapidly changing research environment.
The strategic plan of DAD Research Center expresses its core commitments to knowledge, advocacy and impact through collaboration, partnership, and social engagement in research. The center’s dedication to addressing major societal challenges fall into these broad research areas:
▪ Governance, and Democratic Citizenship
▪ Education, Health, Environment, and Social Policy
▪ Diversity and Inequality
▪ Security, Economy and Stability

Scientific Papers

Scientific Papers on Analysis on Trends of East Africa.


Conferences on Main Issues of East Africa.

Policy Briefings

Analysis and Briefing on Contemporary Policies.

Panel Discussions

Expert Discussions on Dynamics of the Region

In its first kind, the first batch of 20 young research enthusiasts got the opportunity to participate in a ten-hour training session on how to write a research paper with honorable professor Abdi I. Samatar from University of Minnesota.

The program was a mixture of theoretical and Mentoring where each participant requested before the training to determine his/her main interested area of research, defining the problem statement and reviewing the literature and based on that preparation the trainer discussed with each student and pointed for him the proper way to construct his research proposal. At the end of the program the Director General of Eas Africa Association for Development and Research “DAD” Prof: Ali Sheikh Ahmed appreciated to Prof: Abdi I.Samatar for his persistence and commitment and urged participant students to continue in their way of education and self-empowering.

A the end of the program director general of DAD made the closing speech in which he congratulated the participants thanked the professor and encouraged the young participants to get involved with research in general and DAD activities.

DAD Research Center: A Knowledge Base for East Africa