Somalia`s Minister of Planning and Investment at East Africa Development Forum


H.E. Somali Minister of Planning, Investment & Economic Development, Mr. Gamal M. Hassan’s opened the East Africa Development Forum. Mr. Gamal showed his appreciation to join East Africa Development Forum. The minister said that he was impressed with the renowned academicians and civil society individuals who attended the forum.

The minister also encouraged efforts towards fostering the relations between two nations and described as a privilege in attending the timely discussions is crafting concrete strategies for the development of Somalia and its partnership with Turkey.

Turkey’s efforts in Somalia increased after Erdogan’s visit in 2011 during the famine crisis. The successful development partnership model of turkey includes thousands of scholarship programs, businesses, support in the security sector. Despite the constraints the potential upside for private partnership is huge and will lead resilience and growth alongside profitability.

Minister Gamal emphasized that their government supports major projects that lay foundations for market connectivity between Turkey and Somalia in high return industries including trade and energy. The minister also, added that the untapped opportunities are endless which includes high growth sectors such as education, transportation, health care, construction, agriculture, fishing and insurance.

The minister also mentioned that it is critical for removing the obstacles for economic partnership which the gives priority. As Somalia is experiencing a vast GDP growth of around 6-7 percent, minister Gamal encouraged that Somalia’s national investment is about to experience revolutionary changes which will help private and public entity to work hand in hand.

The minister concluded that the strategy of their government is open for Turkish-Somali partnership and anticipated that the forum will result substantive efforts that will move forward the current partnership and collaboration between Turkey and Somalia.