Visiting Anadolu Agency HQ

 East Africa Association for Research and Development (DAD)`s Director General Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed met Anadolu Agency Directors. In a high level visit made by the Director General of DAD to the head-quarters of Anadolu Agency, he met Mr. Metin Mutanoğlu, Deputy Director and Chief Editor of Anadolu Agency and Mr. Faruk Tokat, International News Chief Editor.

Both Parties discussed on the role of Anadolu Agency in news-making and information provison. Since its foundation on April 6, 1920, 17 days before the Turkish Grand National Assembly convened first time, Anadolu Agency helped announce the first legislation by the Assembly that established the Republic. Anadolu Agency witnessed all stages of the National Struggle, the War of Liberation and reforms of the Republic.

Patterns of cooperation and mechanisms of coordinating both efforts of Anadolu Agency and East Africa Association for Research and Development are discussed in the meeting.