Islam and Rebuilding Somali State: Rhetoric and Reality

On February 17, DAD organized a program themed ‘Islam and Rebuilding Somali State: Rhetoric and Relaity’. The program’s key speaker was the prominent islamist, civil society leader and pioneer in Somali reconciliation conferences Dr. Abdurahman M. Abdullah ‘Baadiyow’.

In his inspiring Lecture Baadiyow said that in order to rebuild a strong Somali state ther must a reform how we see the Somali individual, how we see ‘state’ and our view of ‘islam’. The right combination for a coherent Somali society is the one that its individuals perceive themselves as ‘muslims’, ‘Somalis’ then ‘clans’ not the reverse. Baadiyow stressed the need for a paradigm shifts on our views toward clan and state , toward social relations, toward Islam and toward the idea of a modern state so that the Somali state is founded on a sound basis.

In the final moments of the program participants interacted with the speaker enthusiastically and thanked him for the new look he provided on the Somali issue.