Deadline for Abstract Submission

Conference Announcement and Call for Abstracts

The East Africa Association for Development and Research is organizing its first annual East African Development Forum under the theme “Turkish-Somali Partnership conference: Stepping Forward”. The conference will be held at Wishmore Hotel, Istanbul on December 1-2, 2018.

The conference aims to attract and gather renowned academics, businesses, young researchers, professionals, government officials, humanitarian workers, civil society leaders, and outstanding institutions of the two nations under a single roof to share success stories in their relations and discuss the current and future prospective of the “special relationship” between the two nations. The conference will also work on identifying ways to intensify collaboration in the fields of economics, education and development.

The conference will have the following sessions:

The Foundations of Turkish African Relations

This session aims to provide genuine and detailed information on Africa, its potential and relations with Turkey. The goal is to enlighten the non-Africans perspectives of the continent, clarify misconceptions and contribute new perspectives on its relations with Turkey in terms of the New Turkey and its policy towards East Africa.

Education Partnership and Areas for Collaboration

This session focuses on the status of Somali and Turkish education system, the current collaborations and future opportunities. The goal is to provide information that help improve future education partnership between Turkey and Somalia and strengthening the existing bilateral and multilateral agreements on education.

Development Partnership and Creating Sustainable Impact

This session aims at upraising the Turkish humanitarian efforts, its role in Somali state building and importance of Turkish-Somali trade relations. The goal is to create literature on the ongoing efforts, challenges and alternative solutions for future endeavors in order to achieve mutual gains for the two nations.

A Future Outlook in Turkish Somali Relations

This session aims to establish the groundwork for high level collaboration on future Somali Turkish relations in the fields of research, agriculture, industrialization, maritime, and diaspora communities. Our goal is to step up the pre-established relations to maximize the output and impact.

We invite you to submit a short bio and abstract on the themes above. The Abstract should be 300-400 words length with 2-3 learning objectives. The deadline for abstract submission is October 25th through

We are pleased to cover the traveling and accommodation costs of outstanding submissions.
Further information about the conference will be shared soon.