Meeting between General Directors of DAD and TDV


The Director of the Turkish Diyanet Foundation “TDV” received in his office on Monday 9th of November,2018 The General Director of East Africa Association for Research and Development “DAD” Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed. During the meeting which was a very fruitful are discussed a range of issues related to the current situation of the east Africa region, the issue of Somalia and how its recovering from more than two decades of conflicts. Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed expressed his gratitude to the significance and remarkable role that TDV and other Turkish organizations played in Somalia in the last several years. Also, they discussed the inevitability of creating an environment of collaboration between TDV and DAD in the area of education, and leadership preparation.

It’s worth to mention that Turkish Diyanet Foundation “TDV” has a humanitarian and developmental programs mainly in the education sector since the president Receb Tayyib Erdogan visited Somalia in 2011.  The Sheikh Sufi Imam Hatip High School which is operated and restored by TDV is currently hosting hundreds of students in the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu, among the students, there are orphans and students from poor families who couldn`t afford the school tuition.