Meeting between TIKA and DAD


The deputy director of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency “TIKA” Ali Maskan received in his office on Monday 9th of November,2018 The General Director of East Africa Association for Research and Development “DAD” Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed. The director general talked talked about the historical links between the nations and gave a brief information about how Somalia, because of the vigilance of the Somali people more than any time before and support of friends like Turkey is recovering from more than two decades of chaos and lack of strong central government.  

Also Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed appreciated for the Republic of Turkey, the constructive role it played and its intentions and approach which benefits both peoples. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and joining the efforts in the development and rebuilding.

TIKA has an office in Mogadishu Somalia since 2011 and implemented several projects in education, healthy, and roads construction, also it offers technical and financial support to the Federal Republic of Somalia.