The Foundations of Turkish-Africa Relations Session

The Foundations of Turkish-Africa Relations Session


         East Africa Development Forum

Turkish-Somali Partnership "Stepping Forward"


H.E. Jama Abdullahi Mohamed the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia to Turkey had a comment in the Foundations of Turkish Africa Relations Session. He briefly talked about the Relations between Africa and Turkey and East Africa and Turkey and its importance for both sides, he mentioned the geographical, social and cultural structures of the continent with the features and the significance of each region. He stressed the geopolitical and security importance of the Horn of Africa region, where it lies on the shores of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Also, the region locates as Amb.Jama mentioned on the eastern shores of the Bab El-Mandab Strait, which nearly 30% of the world`s marine traffic passes through it and connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. The Ambassador laid out how the ottoman empire had an organic relation with the most African regions.

The Ambassador expressed the current Turkish foreign Policy towards Africa which is based on Win-Win relations rather than hegemonic or self-interest-based relations. He remined that African nations are no longer accepting to be adherent and dependent to the former colonizers or the superpowers.

Amb.Jama mentioned some important points on the importance of Horn of Africa for Turkish government. First its important geopolitically, second the regions have a huge untapped natural resource, third the majority of the population of the region are young and they are not skeptical towards Turkish government and its people. Hence the Turkish government and its people have an access and they are suitable to integrate with the region because they have not any dirty history in the region. He remembered that Turkish government and its people were not a party in slave trade in the ninetieth century also it was not involved in the domestic political turmoil.

In his conclussion the Ambassador called for the researchers,think tank institutions and media to focus and give concern to the ongoing changes in the Horn of Africa region in order to attain benefits for the population of the region.