Development Partnership and Creating Sustainable Impact Session

Development Partnership and Creating Sustainable Impact Session


East Africa Development Forum 

                                 Turkish-Somali Partnership "Stepping Forward"


Mr. Ali Maskan commenced his speech by talking about the strategic position of Somalia as a country with a long cost line and near to the Bab-almendab strategic strait, he also mentioned the strategic importance of the countries lies on the entrance and the exit of the Red Sea and their implications for the world security.  According to Mr. Maskan this strategic location could be among the causes of the Somali dilemma. In addition to that he talked about the historical relations between the countries in the region specially those lies on the red sea shores and the Ottoman Empire which indicates the historical importance of the region.

Mr. Alis Maskan mentioned the resilience they witnessed from the people when they first went to Somalia in 2011 although the very challenges and difficulties prevailed at that moment. He mentioned that one of their targets have been to break the stereotype towards Somalia by helping to connect Somalia to the world through Turkish Airways and through other privately-owned Turkish firms. Also, he mentioned that they involved in building infrastructure by reconstructing roads in side the capital, rehabilitating hospitals and schools and governmental offices. One of the two outstanding infrastructural projects are the rehabilitation of the Recep Dayb Erdogan Hospital the most modern hospital in Somalia and East Africa, and the new building for the Somali Parliament is undergoing and expected to be finished in the near future. Also the Turkish government represented by TIKA involved in capacity building programs for bureaucracy, security personnel and military.

Finally, Mr. Ali Maskan insisted that TIKA supported a lot of young Somalis technically and financially to make them self-dependent rather than waiting from others.