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2nd East Africa Development Forum

2nd East Africa Development Forum

East Africa Association for Research and Development (DAD) would like to inform whom who are concern that our conference, which was supposed to be conducted on 08-09 March 2023, has been posponded and rescheduled to be on 22 - 23 July 2023 due to time inconvenience for researchers & participants.

For more information, please consider the conference`s call for papers.

Somalia has become an enigmatic model for post-colonial state-building in Africa. The ethnically and religiously unified Somali people have failed to build an effective state from 1960 to the present day, which is a period of 63 years. Somalia is still politically divided, its people live in poverty, and its land suffers from droughts. The Somali society is plagued by extremism in the name of Islam and polarization in the name of the clan. Past attempts at sustainable solutions have failed. So, DAD is organizing a conference inviting scholars and experts to revisit Somalia`s past and present to propose new approaches to addressing the state-building in Somalia. This conference is hosted by three Universities: Benadir University, Hormuud University, and Mogadishu University. 

The conference will accept abstracts and academic papers (written in English, Arabic or Somali) on the following wide topics: (1) The repercussions of the colonial legacy and the Cold War on the predicament of Somalia and its impact on the creation of the devious elite political culture. (2) Studying post-colonial Somali state, its economic policies, democracy, foreign relations, and the state’s relationship with its society. (3) The impact of the civil war, building state institutions, and approaches to reconciliation. (4) The constitutional stalemateand its impact on institution-building, security, and developmental programs. (5) The role of Islam and women in building the Somali state and how to establish a reconciled state and society that lives in peace with itself and with the world.

The conference is keen to provide a platform for academics, researchers, and students to present their research papers. Accepted according to the standards used in the institution in the conference sessions. The aim of the conference is to critically re-examine Somalia both past and present and to provide recommendations to policymakers in order to create a common understanding that leads to a better future for all Somalis.


Abstract Submission Deadline: May 10, 2023

Conference Date: 22-23 July 2023

Please submit your abstract of 200-250 words to