Director General Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed Participated the Opening of Ceremony of Atiak Sugar Factory in the northern Uganda

Director General Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed Participated the Opening of Ceremony of Atiak Sugar Factory in the northern Uganda

Director General of East Africa Association for Research and Development (DAD) Prof. Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed participated the kick-off ceremony for the Atiak Sugar Factory in the northern Uganda. He was among Somali delegate from different spectrums who came to witness the launching of the colorful ceremony on Thursday (October 22, 2020). Likewise, Somali deputy prime minister Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid and the Somalia’s first lady Saynab Abdi Moallim.was present at the opening ceremony.

In a post on his Facebook page Prof. Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed hailed the owner of the factory Drs.Amina Hersi Moghe  for its business entrepreneurship in East Africa which supports the livelihoods of thousands of young people. “Amina should be considered a role model for all Somali women as she embodies the successful person with unlimited potentiality and vision” said by Ahmed.

In four lines of poetry in Somali language Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed summarized his feelings as follow:

Rag hagaasay baa nool

Iyo Dumar halgamayoo

Hawshoodu wacantahay

Oo sharaf horseed u ah

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni commissioned the multibillion-shilling Atiak Sugar Factory. Before he was taken to a guided tour to see the establishment of the factory that covers 15.1km across the sugarcane plantation to the banks of River Aswa, Museveni saluted Amina Moghe Hersi for her vision of starting sugarcane growing in northern Uganda, hence the Atiak sugar factory. Amina is a freedom fighter like Museveni because she does not give up," he said. Also, he appreciated for the community of the Atiak for embracing the investment.

"Uganda as a developing country is still lacking three elements; capital and knowledge added to entrepreneurship skills to develop further. My people in Uganda, if you want Uganda to develop, you must have these factors. Ensure that the natural resources - land, minerals, forests, rivers among others - are exploited," the president Said.  On her side the owner of the factory Amina thanked for the government of Uganda and the president for helping her to achieve her dreams.

Amina underlined the significance of this investment were the multibillion-shilling project will contribute the development of Uganda through its large employment potentials. Over 5,000 women are today beneficiaries of the factory by affirmative action and a wealthy woman is a wealthy society and a wealthy nation," Amina said.